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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brandon and Crystal - love grows

This is a family near and dear to my heart. I have been photographing them for several years now. I'm thankful to have been able to help share the love between these guys by capturing it in action... seriously though, getting to see the progression of their little girls as they grow, and that their love continues on. Truly amazing.

family girls mama silly three flowers
One of the goals for this session was to announce their newest addition! And they're just found out another little girl will be added to their flower garden :) So exciting!
My absolute fave of the session. Love you guys :)


David and Erin tie the knot

There's something so satisfying about blogging a wedding... it may not be so impressive to everyone, but when I look at this I see hours and hours of time spent. Talking, travelling, photographing, editing, organizing, perfecting. It's a huge accomplishment!

Anyways, on with things... David and I have been friends for a very long time. We met in college and remained friends even after. We would get together often with our friend Alicia as well to add to our list of craziness. So many good memories. Things change so much when friends start getting married and having babies. The three of us have all walked down that road now and things definitely are different. But still good. It is such a special thing to see good friends make the commitment of marriage and I was honored to not only attend but memorialize their day through photos.

I'll never forget the best man's speech. And I don't remember many... ok, well probably none. But this one, I did. Now, to understand the context, David studies birds, I believe that is called an ornithologist... someone correct me if I'm wrong! And Erin is an etymologist (she studies bugs!) So here it is: "David and Erin are perfect for each other and here's why: David was searching the world for beautiful birds and he found Erin. And Erin was searching the world looking for bugs and found David." Oh, it was a good one ;)

We started out at the house Erin's family stayed at in Kennebunk, Maine. It was such a fantastic view, but the truth is, there weren't many places around that weren't! What a great place for a September wedding. That time of year? Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The ceremony was held at First Parish of Kennebunk, Maine
The reception was held at On the Marsh Bistro in Kennebunkport, Maine
You can view the full gallery here

01 bride 02 Rankin-15 03 Rankin-18 04 mom and dad 05 the party 06 siblings 07 Rankin-48 08 getting ready 09 boys 10 down the aisle 11 Rankin-160 12 Rankin-164 13 i do 14 ceremony 15 Rankin-219 16 the new mr and mrs 17 ring the bell 18 Rankin-277 19 bridal party 20 along the beach 21 beauty 22 Rankin-302 23 flowers and kisses 24 Rankin-314d 25 on the marsh 26 details 27 toast 28 cake 29 dave and erin dance 30 dance 2 31 dance 32 Rankin-530

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dusting off the ole blog ;)

If it's been awhile since you've visited Love Like This, you might notice some changes.

One being that I'm updating after a long 2+ year break... yikes! It's not that I stopped taking photos, it's mostly that I just stopped sharing them with the world. But I decided that just wasn't fair. You all deserve more picture love! Especially if you're still following this much neglected blog... hehe :)

I've cleaned things up a bit as well as updated the pricing page. I think this may be the first time in the history of ever, err I guess in the history of me that I posted all the pricing for the world to see. Why not right? Here's the link.

And with keeping in the spirit of cleaning things up, I would like to introduce my 1.5 year old to this blog. She made the header too as you might notice, because well, she's just too cute not to! In fact, she's really the reason this dear old blog has been so neglected... but I'm sure if you have your own you understand how I could pick her over this silly, dusty blog ;)

IMG_0852 - Copy

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Enis and Lindsay, down the aisle

The Glen Iris Inn inside of Letchworth State Park overlooks middle falls and is such a stunning location for a wedding ceremony! Not to mention the fact that this past Saturday was the perfect weather for such an event. It was hot and humid (what else would you expect in August!) but most assuredly not unbearable. A beautifully sunny and mild day made for amazing pictures both inside the Inn as well as around the park.

Congratulations Enis and Lindsay!

1- IMG_5479

2 - IMG_3863

3 - IMG_3883

4 - IMG_3913

5 - IMG_4006

6 - IMG_4221

7 - IMG_5728

8 - IMG_4414 (2)

9 - IMG_4309

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Katie (senior picture preview)

This is one of my favorite spots to meet for pictures so I was really glad when Katie chose it for her senior session ;) Just a taste of more that will come :)